Our general packages are as follows.

Follow-along with a single racer

  • A full day coverage at a track costs 250 euro per photographer (excl. tax). This includes editing of photos afterwards. You will get:
    • A minimum of 40 photos per day. Will usually be a lot more, but we guarantee at least 40. (We have gone up to 190 previously)

Follow-along with a team

  • A full day coverage of a team costs 500 euro per photographer (excl. tax). This includes editing of photos afterwards.
    • Following teams is a lot more intense. We prefer to do it together as we can cover more ground for you. We will cover all of your cars and also behind the scenes shots. This results in a lot more photos than shots of only one driver.

Event photography

  • We ask 1000 euros per day for covering a full-day event (excl. tax). This includes editing of photos afterwards.
    • There will be photos of as many participants as possible.
    • We also do scenery shots, close-ups and interesting things we see along the way.
    • As an example: we have covered the three-day Erzbergrodeo with over 1000 published photos.

Travel Costs

  • Traveling occurs from Tyrol, Austria. We are situated near Kufstein. For every 100km round-trip of driving we charge 30 euros extra (excl. BTW), rounded up. E.g. Red Bull Ring is 380km away, thus we charge 120 euros.
  • For multi-day requests, a reasonable accommodation is required. The costs for the accommodation is for the requester. We will get in touch with you about accommodations.

For special events or requests we can always negotiate a price package.


Interested in working with us?

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